The Best Condominium Value in Reston, VA

Shadowood Condominium Association

metro Silver line (Wiehle)

1862 Wiehle Avenue
Reston, VA 20190

In 2014 Shadowood celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Established April 4, 1974, Shadowood’s 450 condominiums are sited on a 25-acre property that is clustered in one of the best-known planned communities in the nation.

In less than three months (2013) – and two decisive election mandates, the Condominium Owners voted to replace four out of the four incumbent Board of Directors. In the first year the “new” Board of Directors enacted budgetary, cost-saving initiatives combined with prudent fiscal constraints. The results: A 9.2% decrease in Owners’ monthly Association assessments; A major loan pay-down accelerated by 600% over the prior year 

As property valuations for our two and three bedroom units steadily escalate, Shadowood remains one of the best real estate values in Reston (Fairfax County), near Washington, Baltimore, mountains, beaches, award-winning schools, pools, tennis courts, local and express bus lanes, Dulles International Airport and the new Wiehle Metro Station!


ALERT: Condo Sales April 24 - Shadowood is the only Community in the Reston/Herndon area with one 3 bedroom [MLS listing] selling for less than $270,000 - similar square footage; this SCA (3br) condo is listed @$215,000.

New 2015 Assessments for 2 and 3 Bedroom Condos*

  • 2 Bedroom - $224.29
  • 3 Bedroom - $253.07

*Effective January 1, 2015

Last Updated February 21, 2015


Inclement Weather Parking Procedures

Attention Shadowood Owners:
This is to inform you that in inclement weather, such as snow, all backed-in vehicles need to be at least a foot (12 inches) away from the curb.
This will help in the process of the snow removal to insure that all sidewalks are cleaned properly and will reduce the risk of damage to the rear of your vehicle.
If vehicles are not properly parked, vehicle will be towed at owners expense.

If you should have any questions please contact the site office.
Thank you for your attention in this matter.